Benefits of Mindfulness
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Corporate 8-week mindfulness courses:

These are more comprehensive mindfulness courses where employees learn mindfulness techniques such as ‘recognising the unsettled mind’ and focusing on the breath which will help them identify habitual thought patterns. Participants will learn how to integrate what is going on in the mind and how not to get caught up in anxiety or worry.  The mindfulness techniques will help employees to develop non-judgmental attitudes towards work colleagues and themselves, and learn how to be less reactive in situations. These courses are suitable for up to 12 people and are accompanied by hand-outs and two CDs of mindfulness exercises. We can also offer them in a format of four half-day workshops.

Mindfulness One to One sessions

We deliver Mindfulness 1:1 sessions to individuals either in the daytime or after work. Sessions can either be held at our Caerphilly centre, the Cardiff centre or alternatively via Skype. Each session is an hour and 1/4 in duration and clients are asked to complete a booking form which must be received by the trainer before the first session. You could be a busy professional and would like to learn how to become calm, focussed and relaxed at work thus making you more productive, you may be someone feeling stressed, anxious or depressed or maybe you have been off work for a while and need to build up your confidence before going back to work - please book an intial 'free' consultation with us to discuss your requirements before booking a main session.

Mindfulness Supervision:

We provide mindfulness supervision to individual mindfulness trainers as well as to organisations who would like supervision for their mindfulness trainers. Supervision ensures best practice and continued professional development for mindfulness trainers.

Please contact Karen at or ring 02920 860054 for further information about these courses.

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What We Offer

Corprate Speakers for your Conference/Event
One of our directors, Gelong Thubten, is available to speak at your conferences. Click here for examples of his work

Corporate Introductory Workshops:
Our workshops lasting one and a half hours teach you how to apply the techniques of mindfulness to manage your stress levels in the workplace but also improve your clarity of mind.

These workshops give organisations a taste of simple mindfulness techniques which employees can use at work and at home. We can deliver these workshops at your premises or in our own centre in Caerphilly.

Mindfulness Introductory Day Workshops
If you are wondering what mindfulness is all about and would like to know a little more before committing to an 8 week course, we run a full day guided mindfulness workshop. For more information please click here: