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Our Track Record


"I work as a business development manager for a large energy company. Since attending a course at the Mindfulness and Wellbeing Centre in Cardiff my focus and concentration levels are high throughout the day."
Business Development Manager, a Leading Energy Company

“I use Mindfulness in work. If I’m having a particularly busy or stressful day, I often take a few minutes out ‘to settle’ and gather my thoughts. I also don’t let myself run away with negative thoughts. I think to myself ‘ it’s just a thought’ and get on with the rest of the day. I’ve recommended it to several colleagues.” 
Alan Davies, Team Manager, Gwent Probation Wales

A mindfulness trainer delivered four sessions to approximately 50 staff. On a personal note, I found the session very helpful. Speaking to colleagues they were equally complementary. From the course evaluation sheets, our Education department have advised me that the positive reaction was typical of the feedback received.”
Mr. T. Lewis, former HR Manager, Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre Hospital

“Mindfulness is a way of avoiding becoming overwhelmed by the multiplicity of work issues, problems and demands. By informally applying mindfulness principles and practice I have sometimes been able to achieve a clarity of perspective that helps me understand what is really important – prioritising tasks and also placing the whole work environment in a more meaningful context.
Mindfulness can also have a positive effect in dealing with colleagues, allowing me to be less distracted by hang ups about my own professional persona and more connected to the what is motivating or troubling others.
Most of my mindfulness practice at work is informal, but when I make a point of meditating during the lunch break it can provide a fresh perspective and an antidote to getting blown along by the issues of the working day."
Manager, Education Sector

We’ve also run one-to-one mindfulness for senior managers working in the financial services sector and the charity sector.